(ENG) KANOM THAI : Bulan Dan Mek

Bulan Dan Mek was invented in King Rama 2 era. The word “mek” means cloud and Bulan means moon. There is a believe that making Bulan Dan Mek canpredicts about the work. If the desserts come out flawless, your career will be advanced. On the other hand, if the desserts don’t come out perfect, your career might face some obstacles. RECIPES : http://bit.ly/2UIflGH #KanomThai #pholfoodmafia #pholfoodmafianetwork #kanomthaicookingtutorial #ขนมไทย #BulanDanMek #บุหลันดั้นเมฆ

ที่มา : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YL2gUaQcIM


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